Catherine Paverd

Paverd, Catherine (Dr sc.)

Postdoctoral Researcher (she/her)

Universitätsspital Zürich
Institut Diagnostische & Interventionelle Radiologie
OPS B6, Rämistrasse 100, CH-8091 Zürich, Switzerland
Tel: +41 76 23 11 887

Catherine is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Zurich Ultrasound Research and Translation group. She joined the group in April 2021, following a Postdoctoral position at the Biomedical Ultrasonics, Biotherapy, and Biopharmaceuticals Laboratory (BUBBL) at the University of Oxford, where she worked on ultrasound-enhanced drug delivery of cancer therapeutics. She also completed her PhD with the BUBBL group in 2019, in which she focussed on passive acoustic mapping, acoustic source localisation, and experimental evaluation of tumour vasculature using ultrasound. She completed her undergraduate degrees in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Catherine’s research interests are in medical signal processing, algorithm development using supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques, and translation of academic research into clinical practice.

Selected Publications [Google Scholar]

Paverd, C., Lyka, E., Elbes, D., and Coussios, C. “Passive Acoustic Mapping of Extravasation Following Ultrasound Enhanced Drug Delivery”. Physics in Medicine & Biology, 64(4). 2018.

Paverd, C., Lyka, E., Coussios, C. “Multi-source Passive Acoustic Source Localisation”. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 144 (3). 2019.


Paverd, C. “Passive Acoustic Mapping for Vascular Permeability Assessment.” PhD Thesis. Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom. 2019.